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Never Trust a Pirate (Playful Brides)
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Encounters With a Rogue (Half Moon House ) - Deb Marlowe

This is a two-part book. Part 1, An Unexpected Encounter, focuses on a strong independent woman who has taken her future into her own hands on a gamble and appears to have lost. He is a bit of a cantankerous older gentleman who hated society and has to chase his new ward to the museum too many times to count. On one fateful trip to the museum, he comes across Lisbeth and is surprised at her protectiveness of his ward who she just met. She ends up coming home to become the girl's new governess and while there airs out more than his home and infuses new life into a bitter gentleman. Their story was sweet, there was one instance of budding passion but then it didn't go far. I would have liked to have seen their passion unfold further. In the end, it was a sweet, almost innocent love story.

The second story, A Waltz in the Park, follows James Vickers, the friend who abandoned Lisbeth in her time of need. He is an infamous rake and at the point where the story picks up, he has evolved his quest for vengeance against his father into one where he is no longer drunk all of the time, but rather being more subtle and thought out in his schemes. Along the way, he meets the "Celestial", an innocent that everyone is talking about as being a great beauty who is very innocent and angelic. She ends up striking a bargain with him; he will help her meet Hestia Wright, the famous courtesan, and she will help him speak with her cousin who he needs information from to use against his father. As they meet up in secret to exchange information passions flair. They have several stolen kisses, but he continues to keep his distance because he cannot be connected to an innocent, one his father would love to see him with. Tensions flare, harsh words are spoken, all seems lost, and then all ends well. The conclusion was sweet; I really liked how she set the scene in the park and won him in the end. Overall, it was an enjoyable story, but again no passion beyond several stolen kisses. Out of the two in the bundle, I did like this one a lot more. I do expect certain behaviors from a man known for his rakish ways and James did come across a bit too tame in that department, but in the grand scheme of the story, it didn't hinder the enjoyment of reading it.

Dark Alpha's Lover - Donna Grant

Fintan is the focus of the next Reaper book and he is the Reaper with snow white hair and white eyes rimmed in red. We find out his backstory as a dark Fae before he is betrayed and killed and why he is the only dark Fae with pure white hair and eyes that are almost all white. He doesn't feel. He doesn't let emotions out, not since his death, until he sets eyes on Cat. Catriona Hayes comes from a family thrice blessed by Fae visits, except, unlike her family members she has no magic. Tragedy has also befallen her too many times to count and she expects her death will be next. When she spies Fintan killing a dark Fae, instead of fearing him she is drawn to him and him to her. She is full of courage and agrees to help Fintan trap Bran when he sheds light on the fact that it was Bran who murdered her siblings. They partner up but what they don't expect is the well-formed plan Bran has set for Cat and how he plans to get her to agree to help him. When Fintan believes she has betrayed him she faces Bran alone but Bran's ultimate plan continues to have surprises that neither see coming. I love the Reaper series. It is definitely unfolding and the plot is developing well. I like Fintan and his back story and Cat was a perfect match for what he needed in a partner. Overall, very entertaining adventure and love story.  

Beauty of the Beast - Rachel L. Demeter

This retelling of one of my absolute favorite fairy tales was exactly how I envisioned an adult version to go.  Adam and his back story are quite tragic and explain his character perfectly. The events that lead Isabelle to leave home with her ill father were horrible, no spoilers, promise. The moment she knocks on Adam's door and demands entry during the storm pretty much set the tone for how she was going to be the one to pull Adam out of the past and into living life. I very much liked the small adult changes to the plot, it took it from a Disney fairy tale to a full blown passion filled love story centered around two people who find love and happiness out of the ashes that were their pasts. My only negative was that it started off slowly and at times the descriptions seemed a bit drawn out. It took some time for things to pick up and for the plot to become engrossing. The moment that the plot does pick up was when Isabelle had stayed at the "Beast's" castle for a few weeks and their friendship began to grow into something more. Once that happens, it was hard to put the book down. I enjoyed it, it was a fun read.

Legacy Lost - Jillian David

Book two in the Hell's Valley focuses on Shelby and Eric. They have both secretly had a thing for the other for years, and after she put herself in harms way to save Sara and Zach and Eric learned the truth about her psychic abilities, well tensions have run high. He has become far more protective and in her eyes overbearing. She has a stubborn self-sacrificing attitude that he has run out of patience with. On a rescue mission she uses her abilities again causing her to go blind for several hours. He is coming to his breaking point and fears her hurting herself permanently. Well the tension snaps and the proverbial cat is let out of the bag and neither truly knows what to do now. While they figure out how to take a lifelong friendship to the next level, evil is building up power and using the Brand family once more to carry out its evil deeds. Will Shelby and Eric come to terms with their feelings and her growing abilities or throw in the towel before things really heat up? Once together will they stick it out or push each other away?  In the end the adventure and love story were great (though I think I have to say I liked book 1, Legacy of Lies, a bit more. There was just something about Garrison and Sara that just heated up the page). Book two was fun, fast paced, tense in the emotional category, and full of passionate moments. Never pegged Eric for the take-charge-and-be-in-control-in-the-bedroom kind of guy but it worked for him.  I'm glad both of them found their happily ever after and that in the end they knew what they had and fought to keep it. Great book and the series is getting better and better.

The Seven Sins of Ruby Love (The Beyond Series Book 3) - Erin Quinn

John Cassian wants vengeance and when Ruby Love runs straight into his arms, literally, he sees her as his possible ticket to that vengeance, all he has to do is keep his hands and his heart out of it. Ruby is tormented by ghosts; she sees the dead and when her dead brother shows up on the train with her and asks for her help, she is determined to accomplish that, even if it means doing it without the aid of her family.  The chemistry between Ruby and John was hot and explosive. They burned up the pages and their intense emotional journey to trusting, and loving, each other made the story progress smoothly and quickly.  I loved watching their adventure unfold and when the truth comes out about who John really is and his motives, Ruby has to decide if she can stay with a man that has done heinous crimes to survive. John fears she will walk out the door and never return, but that doesn't stop him from helping her reach her dead brother.  When Ruby is in danger John rushes to her aid and the conclusion of their story was awesome!  This one didn't need an epilog, like The Three Fates of Ryan Love; how this one ends was perfect and complete.  When you through in ghosts, angels that aren't that heavenly, a reaper, a half-breed, and a lot of action you end up with a thrilling and entertaining story.

The Three Fates of Ryan Love (Beyond) - Erin Quinn

This one was a page-turner with strong characters, a convincing conflict and antagonist, and the plot kept the reader interested from start to finish. I very much enjoyed the dialogue between the two main characters. It was intense at times and reminded me a bit of Donna Grant's style of emotional tension. It kept me engrossed and I really wanted it to work out for the two characters. The emotional build up and tension kept me turning the page to see what the Fates had in store for the both Ryan and Sabelle. Their adventure was passionate and fast-paced. Their relationship was electric and passionate. I loved their dialogue and how the story unfolded. I would have liked an epilogue, though. The story's last page was abrupt. I wanted more at the very end of the story.

White Tiger -  Jennifer Ashley

I always love returning to Jennifer Ashley's Shifter world.  The stories are always passionate and the adventures are always enjoyable.  This one didn't disappoint. I loved watching Kendrick and Addison come together. I thought it was super romantic that she was a waitress at a diner and he was the quiet customer that always came in right before closing with his three boys and ordered pie. They never spoke but man was there attraction. When the diner is shot up and she learns the truth she doesn't run, she protects his kids and then she kisses him when it is time to say goodbye.  He rushes to her rescue later and they are inseparable from then on.  I enjoyed their adventure and how they fell in love.  She was such a strong female lead and he was just yummy.  If you have followed Ashley's Shifters Unbound series, you will not be disappointed with this installment.

I Dared the Duke - Anna Bennett

This was a very enjoyable and beautiful story. I loved how Alex and Beth came together and how their relationship progressed. It was not rushed, but rather took its time to develop and I enjoyed watching it unfold. I also like that along the way she helped him to see that he could be desired and he helped her to see that she could be needed and loved. When they meet she is not impressed with his rude behavior and his lack of care for his grandmother. He has only one goal when he arrives at his London townhouse, to send his grandmother to the country to protect her from someone who has tried to kill him twice. What he doesn't expect is to meet a feisty companion who defends his grandmother from what she sees as his selfish desires to get rid of his grandmother so he can live it up as the rake he is known for in London without her hanging on. They strike a deal, he will grant his grandmother 3 wishes and then Beth will help persuade his grandmother to move to the country.  Along the way they both discover the truth about each other and fall in love.  She believes that at the end of the time, he will still send her to the country and she worries that he will not be able to find the culprit who is trying to kill him.  He worries that she will not be able to forgive him for his callous words a few years ago. I enjoyed the story a lot.  I enjoyed his proposal at the end it was just perfect. I will definitely pick up book 1 and book 3 to see how her other sisters end up with their happy ever after.

A copy of this book was provided to me with no requirements for a review. I voluntarily read this book and my comments here are my honest opinion.

Windswept - Sabrina Jeffries, Deborah Martin

Book two in Sabrina Jeffries Wales series follows Evan who has grown into a very successful scholar thanks to the kindness and love of his friends Juliana and Rhys, who we met in Stormswept. He is no longer the abused farm hand's son, though he still carries the concerns that he won't be worthy of any woman because of his past. He is out to avenge his friend Justin's murder which leads him to Catrin's doorstep. She was the last to reportedly see his friend and he suspects that she might have had a hand in his murder. What he doesn't expect is a beautiful and enchanting, yet shy woman, who swims in a fabled loch in only her shift. She has been on the hunt for a chalice that a great-great-grandfather sold a few generations ago. She believes that she is cursed and cannot marry until she finds this chalice. She also fears that someone will come looking for her in connection with Justin's death. What she doesn't expect is a well-known scholar seeking her out for assistance with a new book. Sparks fly quickly between the two and both tell lies to protect their secrets. When those lies are discovered they have to work to win the other's trust once more. It was enjoyable. The villain wasn't revealed until the end and the conflict was emotionally tense at times. Evan sometimes came off as a bit too overzealous in his desires for her but as the story progressed the plot strengthened and the book was an enjoyable read. I liked Stormswept more but this was fun and passionate and I liked it.

The Crusader's Hear - Claire Delacroix

Wulfe is frustrated with his latest mission; he is not the leader of a mission, though he supposed to appear as such to protect the actual leader and his mission.  It rankles that he has to take orders from an ex-Templar and he doesn't understand why he wasn't put in charge of delivering a treasure from Jerusalem to Paris.  So he heads to a brothel for a night of pleasure to decompress.  He pays for a whole night with a woman whose wit intrigues him.  Christina hates where fate has led her to.  She never wanted to be a courtesan, but when her husband was murdered on their way to Jerusalem fate forced her into the lifestyle of a whore.  Her dodging her duties has come to an end and she is told entrain Wulfe or she will end up in the streets.  He doesn't trust women's motives and she doesn't trust a man's word. Their adventure ensues and she works her way into his group of pilgrims, much to Wulfe's frustration.  He doesn't want to want her, but he is drawn to her.  The more she comes to know him the more she desires him. Their story is parallel to book one with Yasmain and Gaston's story from The Crusader's Bride. Christina comes to realize what the prize is, who is protecting it, and she uses her information to stay within Wulfe's trust.  When she confesses her love for Wulfe it pushes him away and she spends the rest of the trip to Paris longing for something more with Wulfe.  Wulfe only wants to remain a Templar because that is all he has and pushes Christina away. He has nothing to offer her and when he delivers her home, even though she is pregnant with his child he leaves. Of course, this does have a happy ending and the story was enjoyable.  She is a prostitute, so you would think that their passion would be intense from the get-go, but the passion is actually tame.  I would have liked some more passion, more detail rather than just glanced over when it came to their night together in the brothel.  It does get a bit better once they are traveling towards Paris and their romance was sweet and enjoyable to watch unfold.  Overall a good story and an enjoyable adventure.

A copy of this book was provided to me with no requirements for a review. I voluntarily read this book and my comments here are my honest opinion.

Scorched - Paula Quinn

This was such a wonderful story. I have read a lot of Paul Quinn's historical romances so when she reached out and asked if I would be interested in reading her new paranormal romance with dragons, I jumped at the chance. I wasn't disappointed. I loved Marcus. He is the last of his kind and he resents it when his fellow Drakkons, who turned into humans willingly, come to him and force the change all so that their leader Patrick can get his hands on a treasure that Marcus supposedly has.  He vows to seek vengeance and in the process, he finds himself in Samantha's barn. He knows she is a virgin, something that Drakkons desire to claim (and usually kill and eat) but the longer he gets to know her the less he wants to eat her and the more he simply wants to claim her for his own mate. But will he give up the chance to become Drakkon once more? She has come to England and bought a run down castle. She has escaped a horrible situation with her

She has come to England and bought a run down castle. She has escaped a horrible situation with her exfiancé and all she wants to do is claim a home for herself, something she has never had as an orphan from New York. When a naked man falls from the sky into her barn she doesn't know what to expect; though she suspects he must be a crazy man escaped from some hospital when he starts spouting nonsense about being a dragon and can talk to her telepathically. When he leaves she hopes to never see his crazy hotness again but of course she does. Together they learn that family isn't what you are born into and that being human isn't that bad at all, as long as they are together. When Patrick comes seeking the treasure and risks Samantha's life Marcus has to decide to remain a man forever or turn back into a Drakkon in order to save her and the treasure from Patrick's clutches. I loved the story, loved the characters, loved the passion and conflict- just loved it. I definitely recommend this one.

Revealed: A Paranormal Romance (Rapture's Edge Series Book 3) - Caris Roane

The third and final book that follows Duncan and Rachel brings us our first glimpse of Rapture's Edge, Rachel has a big secret that she doesn't know how to reveal to Duncan, Seer Megan has a big secret to reveal, and our next warrior to fall to the Breh-Heden is revealed. Rachel and Duncan still have not finished the Breh-Heden bond and all seems lost when a settlement of women and children is destroyed by Chustafus. The story was enjoyable, a bit slow at times, but good. The moment Rapture's Edge is revealed was intense and when they finally complete the bond was passionate and perfect.   I look forward to Owen's story next (at least I hope it is his story next).

Caris Roane gave me a copy to read. My only obligation is to give an honest review.

The Last True Hero (The Burned Lands Book 2) - Bec McMaster

Book two in Bec McMaster's post-apocalyptic series was entertaining and a fun adventure. Book 2 follows Adam as he wonders the Wastelands after being run-out of the town he founded once his secret was revealed that he is a warg.  He finds himself in Mia's bar and there is something about Mia that keeps him coming back around to verbally spar and flirt with her.  He steps up to help her town rescue a group of women who are kidnapped to be sold in the slave markets.  While on their adventure, sparks fly between Adam and Mia, and battles ensue between them and revenants (zombies), reivers (criminal-minded humans hell bent on destruction), and of course wargs (men who turn into werewolves). I enjoyed their story.  I did like book one, Nobody's Hero, more than book two, but I did enjoy their love story and adventure. 

Firestorm: A Dragon Romance (Dark Kings) - Donna Grant

The next installment of Donna Grant's Dark Kings brings us Demetri and an archaeologist named Faith Reynold. Sound familiar? If you have followed DG, then you know that her Dark Warriors, Aaron and Dr. Veronica Reid's story Midnight's Kiss had the same MO. Demetri is sent to his ancestral home of Fair Isle because reports say that an archeologist has discovered dragon bones. He hasn't set foot there since the Kings sent their dragons away centuries ago and he isn't too happy to be going back. With Ronnie's help he is hired on as protection for the dig site because "the crazies" have been coming out trying to get a look at real dragon bones; what he doesn't expect is to find Faith to be passionate, innocent of anything more malicious than a thirst for knowledge, and Fae trying to get to his dragon's bones. He sets out to find out how he could have possibly left one of his Whites behind to die alone and to protect the delectable and open-minded Dr. Reynolds. Once back at Draegan, things become more clear that there is a new enemy afoot and Demetri has to stop it from destroying his new-found true happiness with Faith. I enjoyed the story, but I always enjoy any DG novel. She blends passion, adventure, interesting conflicts, and she is great at blending subplots that don't leave you thinking "why can't she just stick to the yummy couple". It is fun from the first page to the last and this one didn't disappoint. I love the Dark world and am always happy to return to it. This was a Netgalley read.

Defy the Dawn: A Midnight Breed Novel (The Midnight Breed Series Book 14) - Lara Adrian

I very much looked forward to Brynn and Zael's story since they met in Bound to Darkness. They seemed so passionate even before they gave in to their desires. Zael sees Brynne's horrible past and scars as being why she tries to push him away. He also realizes that after so many years of being nomadic in his travels and lovers, she represents something new that he has never had. He won't give up no matter how much she pushes back and when he sees why she pushes back he acknowledges her fears and proves to her that what he sees when he looks at her is beauty, not monstrous.  When they are tasked to go to the Atlantean colony to petition for an alliance, their love and passion are tested. Her insecurities flair, but he proves to her more than once that his attention to her isn't fleeting. He wants her forever. Their love was beautiful and I really liked Zael as a character a lot. Brynne is a strong female lead and her fears and desires to have someone see her for not being the monster Dragos created in his lab creates a beautiful story as Zael sets out to show her that his love is real and permanent. The conflict isn't too complicated in this one, no epic battles and major villains. It has more of an overall conflict that the series is dealing with as a whole; preventing a war and stopping Opus Nostrum from destroying all that they have built in the last 20 years. Once in the colony, the conflict leads to Zael and Brynne becoming even closer and fighting to be together. I enjoyed the story a lot.

On The Prowl (Bad Things) (Volume 2) - Cynthia Eden

 Book two in Cynthia Eden's Bad Things series follows a shifter assassin for the devil himself and a human woman who hates violence who is violently turned into a vampire. Their story was entertaining and passionate. The antagonist and conflict were intriguing. Julian is a rough-around-the-edges kind of man who lives a violent life and who knew from the start that he was the wrong man for Rose, but also knowing he couldn't walk away. Rose has tried to hate him for the choice he took from her, but he is still the man she fell for when she was a naïve human. Together they must stop the Collector from acquiring his next specimen, her. Along the way, he mates with her without telling her, she drinks angel blood which she should never have done, they rescue the other victims, find out who is the one who gave a human strong enough magic to cheat death and compel people to do his bidding, and of course have a happy ever after ending for the beast assassin of the devil and vampire who doesn't like violence.  I enjoyed it a lot. Julian is the kind of male lead that is delicious and strong on every page he appears on. Rose is the perfect compliment to him, though it takes him a while to figure that out. Overall, a fun adventure and romance.