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Highland Sword (Royal Highlander)
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My One True Cowboy - Soraya Lane

This author really knows how to write a tear jerker scene, and this one had several that I just couldn’t stop crying for. The hero is so scarred and in need of healing and he lashes out at Angelina a few times, but she is so strong and they were so great together that they really carried the story well. It was real, passionate, beautiful, heartwarming, sad, and perfect. Such a beautiful story. Loved every second of it, even the parts that had me crying. The plot is strong, the conflict was real and handled well, and the characters were well-rounded and vibrant on the page. Every second of the story was great.

Break the Day -  Lara Adrian

It was so good to get back to the Breed and to Rafe, who felt like he had a lot to make up for since the last time we saw him when he fell for the Opus operative. Devony also has an agenda and it doesn’t include this Breed male coming and interfering with her plans to get at Opus Nostrum for what they did to her family. The story was fast paced and passionate. The conflict was great and had several surprises that kept it interesting and not predictable. When she learns the truth, Rafe has a lot to make up for and that made for some really good reading. From start to finish it was an awesome read, I loved every second of it.

Dark Craving - Donna Grant

With Con’s book coming out later this year, I had the desire to re-read the series and first up was Dark Craving, Hal and Cassie’s story. With having already read the series I did notice a few things about Ulrik's story that changed, and Con seemed more accepting of Cassie than I remembered. I loved revisiting where it all started. Rhys was very much against the relationship, which I forgot about, and Hal and Cassie steamed up the page beautifully. Loved it and ready for more.

The Bachelor - Sabrina Jeffries

This was a classic Sabrina Jeffries romance with two strong main characters, an interesting plot that kept the story steady without any dull points, and a conflict that was believable and entertaining. The passion was great and I loved the two main characters a lot. Joshua was an enigmatic and complex male lead that really carried the story well. Gwen started off coming across as a bit weak, but definitely improved and was the perfect match for Joshua. They worked well together and there isn’t anything I can say that I didn’t like about this story. Loved it.

Just One Fake Date - Deborah Cooke

Deborah Cooke decided to re-write the first book of the Flatiron Five Fitness with a new female lead for Tyler, Shannyn Hawke, with a whole new plot. Shannyn is a freelance photogapher who went to college with Tyler and she has a job to cover the alumni who own Flatiron Five Fitness. From the moment she walks into his office, sparks fly and the story vibe was a lot different from the original book.  I liked it a lot. I liked the chemistry between Shannyn and Tyler, I enjoyed watching Tyler fight for a real relationship with her, and the passion was great between the two.  The original book had Tyler playing two characters, him and a BDSM character with Amy and I just didn't like how Amy had difficulty seeing how Tyler is the man for her.  In this one, Shannyn had commitment issues, and I liked that conflict better. Tyler had to fight to prove to her that a relationship could work and that he wasn't going anywhere. There was no need for any subterfuge in this one and I loved how the story flowed and concluded. Overall, so much better start to a series that was awesome! I just want to know what his new buildboard looks like with Shannyn :-)

Wild, Wild Rake - Janna MacGregor

This was entertaining, fun, and passionate.  I liked the characters; especially the back story for Avalon, the flashback at the beginning created the emotional tether from her to the reader that carried for the whole story. I did like that Avalon and Mary became friends even with the difficult situation created by her husband. I would love to see Mary have a story, I wanted more with her and I don't understand how she could stand Richard for treating Avalon the way he did.  Devin wasn't as strong as a character, like Avalon, but I liked him with her; and I kind of wish he hadn't been a vicar, I think that was what made him a bit standoffish for me. Their story was sweet and romantic and I enjoyed the whole thing. The conclusion added a bit of drama when they had to rescue her sister and friend. Otherthan his profession, I have no negative thoughts about the story.  I do like when the male lead is a rake in truth who learns the errors of their ways, rather than a rake in name only who finds the one woman he saught from the moment they met 10 years earlier. Overall, very enjoyable, passion was great, and the plot was entertaining and strong.

Razr: A Demonica Underworld Novella - Larissa Ione

I really liked Razr and Jedda. They were fun characters and their adventure was exciting, passionate, and fun. Razr need to find a special diamond that he lost, what he doesn't realize is(no spoiler, promise) that Jedda has it and can't give it up without dieing.  Jedda has been cursed by a Unfallen angel to find it and a crystal horn and Razr tags along.  She worries that once Razr knows that she already has the diamond that he will kill her to get it.  When the truth comes out, both Razr and Jedda join forces to stop the Unfallen.  The way the story ends was awesome and the passion in the story was great!  Ione knows how to write a passionate scene and has just enough to make the story steamy but doesn't over do it.  Overall, great short story.

Z: A Demonica Novella (1001 Dark Nights) - Larissa Ione

This novella is fast paced and a passionate read. The characters are strong and entertaining. I did find the ending a bit abrupt; I think she forgave him a bit too fast, I would have liked for her to make him earn her forgiveness for a bit longer than she did.  My only guess is that Ione needed to finish it within a certain number of words/pages.  Other than the fast ending, I enjoyed the story and returning to the Demonica universe, it has been too many years.

Tucker - Emily March

It was a cute story, a bit slow at times, but overall a cute romantic story.  I had a hard time sticking with it. There was some passion, the story line was alright- nothing over dramatic- Gillian was engaged to a guy that really didn’t respect her dreams and he breaks things off shortly before the wedding, and Tucker is a rough-around-the-edges guy that just retired from the military who sets his eyes on her as his forever and works towards that end.  It was sweet, just a bit slower than I like. I made it to chapter 12, which is 57%, before I had to start skimming through it to get it done, which I never do. If you like sweet home-town romances without a lot of drama or emotional turmoil to get through, this is a Romance for you! It is on the tamer side for those who don’t like too much sex scenes. If you prefer stories that have more steamy scenes from start-to-finish (not necessarily sex just chemistry) than you will find this more on the tame sweet side, nothing wrong with that, just go in expecting it. I did like Jackson more than I did Tucker.

Flame - Donna Grant

(There is a small spoiler in this review about Balladyn)

It has been quite a while since I read anything, or wanted to.  I have books for NetGalley I need to read, but couldn't bring myself to want to during these new times we have found ourselves in. Call it depression. Call it boredom. Call it a lack of motivation-Whatever it is, I found myself not wanting to read for the first time in years, even though I now find I have plenty of time to do it. So when I sat down to finally try, I knew I couldn’t go to the books that I had to read, because of their release dates or blog tours that I signed up for, I had to go to something that would remind me why I love to read, so I went to Donna Grant. Her stories and characters make it so easy to forget about reality. The emotional roller coaster her characters go on is a great distraction from the roller coaster that is real life stresses. The highs and lows between Cain and Noreen became an escape to peace and pleasure and freedom from the news reports constantly in our faces about Social Distancing, masks, and schools being closed.  Con is unraveling. The battle with the Others comes to one conclusion, but the final battle with Moreanne and Useail is still to come. Rhi is fighting with herself, Balladyn is back (no shock there and loved that scene between him and Rhi), the scope of Rhi’s power is almost goddess-like, the Reapers finally join in (about damn time) and well, all in all, this story was exactly what I needed to remind me why I LOVE to read!  Sometimes I get sucked into reading for the blog and forgot why I started the blog in the first place. To share the love of the books I want to read and the authors that I have come to follow because their worlds and characters and stories are just so life like and enjoyable that I want to share them with you. I think Con’s book is next and I can’t wait for it! This one was so good and the series is by far my favorite. It has everything you want in a romance series; action, suspense, passion, moments of emotional tension, humor, and characters that fly off the page!! I loved it. Now on to one of the books I signed up to read...

Scot Under the Covers - Suzanne Enoch

This was a fun read, the passion was great, and the characters were strong and I enjoyed the plot a lot. I do wish Vale got more than he did in the end, punishment-wise. He seemed to give up too quickly at the end that it was almost anticlimactic. I loved the part where Aden had help getting into the bank. Overall, good story, and I loved how Miranda proposed to him instead of the classic guy doing the proposing. Too perfect.

The Last Real Cowboys - Caitlin Crews

It starts out a bit frustrating with how blind all the men around Amanda seem to be when it comes to her, and her wants and needs. I got quite annoyed at Brady when he kept treating her like a child who didn’t know any better or her own mind, but from the point at the barn that he tries to use as a goodbye gift to the end of the story, it becomes a sweet country, small-town romance that was enjoyable and sweet. The passion was good, not overly descriptive, but still enough to keep the pages steamy. Amanda was the best fit for Brady and when she stood up to his brothers for him, that was the best scene in the whole series, I think. Both of his brothers needed to be dressed down for how they treated him. I liked it. I think Hannah and Ty’s story might be my favorite out of all of them, but this one was enjoyable and entertaining.

Dark Alpha's Temptation - Donna Grant

I love a good DG book and how her series always merge and flow together is awesome. The Others have set their sights on The Reapers and I don’t think they truly understand the power they are up against. The battles to come are going to be epic. Dubham and Kyra worked so well together that I didn’t even realize I was half way through the book. Their story was passionate, entertaining, and the conflict between her and her mother added to the bigger conflict of the Others that keeps building. Such an easy and enjoyable read. I want more!!

Forever My Duke - Olivia Drake

This one took me a while to get through, because life this school year has just been crazy, but in the end it turned out to be a really enjoyable story with strong characters, a captivating plot, and a multifaceted conflict that kept the story moving well. I really liked it. A stuffy English duke gets his life turned upside down by an outspoken American woman who refuses to curtsy and isn’t afraid to speak her mind. Their love story built slowly and felt real, not rushed, which was really nice. There isn’t anything I didn’t like about this story. Hadrian and Natalie are great together and Leo is just adorable. I definitely recommend this story, whether you have read book one or not, this one does stand on its own really well.

One Hot Holiday - Cynthia Eden

Very cool Christmas story full of action, passion, good characters and an interesting plot. I liked it, not my favorite in the Wilde series, but definitely not dull or boring. This one focuses on Spencer, who we met in other books. This time the setting is his small town where he is the sheriff. Haley is running from a very bad guy and Spencer has an interest in being her hero. We have twisted FBI agents, hired thugs, Wilde agents to assist in the capture of a crime lord from NYC, and a sweet and romantic holiday tale all rolled up into a good story. Definitely a good story to read during the Holidays.

Forever and a Duke - Grace Burrowes

I almost didn’t want to finish this one. Half way through, I started skimming through sections. I was bored. The characters did not keep me interested, and I am not sure why. The conflict was tame (family betrayals and not believing she was worthy of him) and the passion was also very tame. I like Grace Burrowes, but this one just didn’t do anything for me. The first two in the series were better than this one, and I am sad to say this one was definitely forgettable.