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The Scot Beds His Wife (Victorian Rebels)
Kerrigan Byrne
Caught by the Scot (Made to Marry) - Karen Hawkins

The first book in a new series brings a batch of brothers who would rather be wenching, flirting, and riding the high seas than to ever become an honest married man. That is until their older sister dies in childbirth and in her will she requires them all to marry respectable women within three months of her passing or lose their inheritance. The first brother up for wedded bliss is Conner, the middle brother, and he decides that he isn't going to give up his chosen lifestyle. He is going to marry a quiet woman who he can set up at his country home while he goes off riding the high seas and seducing the wives of other men. He decides the perfect candidate is the younger sister of his best friend. But what he doesn't plan on is that once he finally shows up to propose, she has run off with a local squire.

Thea has loved Conner since she was a young girl but he has never truly seen her. She is only the little sister of his friend and so she finally decides enough is enough and she wants her own household and family. Her candidate for marriage is a decent fellow but he doesn't spark the desire Conner has always been successful at (if unknowingly) pulling out of her. When he shows up during her elopement and tags along, she comes to realize that she was never successful in giving up her love for him but spending time with him has also shown her that their love is doomed. He is married to the sea and will never be happy on land.

This was a fun story. The antics Conor gets up to to slow down the elopement were fun to watch and how she kept getting so frustrated with his meddling was great. I loved the scene in the breakfast room of one of the inns they staid at between her and Lance when they both decide that they aren't meant to be was priceless. Lance does get his happily ever after too which was nice to see. Overall an enjoyable story and I look forward to watching the other brothers find true love.

Duke of Desire - Elizabeth Hoyt

The next installment in the Maiden Lane series brings us the dark and moody scarred Duke of Dyemore who we glimpsed at a ball where he warned Iris to leave immediately. Since then she was kidnapped and found herself surround by nude men in masks who planned to rape and kill her, and Dyemore deciding to rescue her from the Lords of Chaos.  Of course, he didn't expect to get shot in the process by the very woman he set out to rescue or married to her to protect her from the other Lords. He thinks this will be a simple thing, marry her to protect her and then continue on with his quest for revenge. He doesn't expect that his new wife has dreams and desires of her own and that includes children and a husband who isn't afraid to come to her bed. The story was full of tension, banked and controlled passion, a woman who isn't afraid to fight for what she wants, and a man who can't resist the wife that has come to represent the light amongst all of his darkness. I enjoyed their adventure. The Dionysus was definitely hard to figure out, which kept you guessing as to who the bad guy was and it, of course, took almost losing her for Raphael to realize that he can't live without Iris. The conclusion of the story was emotional and I am glad that Iris didn't give up fighting for Raphael and their marriage.

A Touch of Flame - Caris Roane

The next installment in the flame series was good. Their interactions were good though sometimes with how easily he accepted her witchness was a little weak I think.  If he believed that a witch killed his wife then I would have liked to see his dislike and distrust of them play more of a role in the conflict. There could have been more tension there with him having to come to terms with her being a witch. The plot was good and the conflict was strong, I just needed a stronger interaction between the characters and more of a conflict with what each of them was and her role in his past. There was great potential for high emotional tension when the truth of who killed his wife came out and they teased at it, but I would have loved for it to be drawn out more before he went to her rescue. I enjoyed it but I don't think this was a favorite of mine in the Flame series.

Seduced by Fire - Erin Kellison

The next installment in the Bloodkin series was quick both in the plot and in the conflict. The characters already knew each other and in fact loved each other so it was more a sense of the two coming together to finalize what was already there just never acknowledged. The characters were good, the passion was ok, and the plot was entertaining. I don't think this is my favorite in the series but it was good. I would have liked more passion and the two main characters could have used some more bantering between the two of them. Their dialogue at times kind of came off as just ok. I did enjoy the read.

Sweet Ruin (Immortals After Dark) - Kresley Cole

Oh my goodness, this one was so good. It was so hard to put it down. I loved the characters; Rune was such a strong male lead with such a dynamic personality and history, and Jo had so much spunk, attitude, and fire on the page. The plot was very strong and carried the reader through it all from beginning to end. The conflict wasn't some malevolent bad guy but rather how Rune's past colored his present and Jo's desire for companionship even in the face of a man who, on more than one occasion, told her he wouldn't be faithful. Her drive to protect her brother and then reunite with him also added a depth to her character that pulled the reader in. I loved how strong her personality was on the page and when the inevitable happened and she left Rune it was so heart wrenching. I really did worry that Rune wasn't going to see the error of his ways before it was way too late to salvage his relationship with his mate. There isn't anything I didn't like about this story. Loved it!

Dark Skye - Kresley Cole

It has been awhile since I visited the world of IAD and so I worried I'd be lost but should have known better. Kresley Cole's characters are so strong and this one picked up right after the last one on the island that a lot of the characters were held imprisoned. Thronos and Lanthe have known each other for well over five hundred years and since a tragic night when Lanthe was a child she has run from him and he has spent the five hundred years hunting her down. He has finally caught up to her and has sworn to torture her as she has tortured him. She is his mate and though he hates her he needs her. Fortunately for them, they get thrust into an adventure through multiple dimensions when she tries to escape him. They learn to see each other as they truly are and work through five hundred years of war between the two. I loved the two characters and I loved their adventure. The most poignant moment happens near the end when Morgana, Queen of all Sorceri, tries to separate the two mates once they finally commit to each other. I won't say what the event was but it was definitely an emotionally tense moment. Great characters, great plot, great conflict, loved every second of the book.

Undead Or Alive - Cynthia Eden

This installment was short and moved quickly. I finished it in one sitting. I liked Amber and Cas, and their plot line was enjoyable and entertaining. The conflict and villain were good and there was even a nice twist I didn't see coming. I almost wanted more from their story though I finished not being disappointed. Cynthia Eden told a strong story, though short, and it had everything I like in a romance. Passion, excitement, strong characters, and a good plot and conflict. I enjoyed it and I continue to enjoy the Bad Things series.

Moon Kissed (LaRue) (Volume 1) - Donna Grant

The first book in Donna Grant's LaRue series was good. I enjoyed the two main characters. Even though it is a novella, Donna wrote it in a way that made the relationship develop slowly and steadily. The conflict was strong with an already set up villain from the Chiasson series. I enjoyed the passion, the action, the characters, and the overall story. I look forward to more of the LaRue brothers.

When Darkness Ends (Guardians of Eternity Book 12) - Alexandra Ivy

Cyn is a self-confessed hedonist and proud of it. He doesn't want to settle down or stop partying or stop indulging in all of life's pleasures, so when a fairy princess and him end up dropped naked in caves under his lair and told by an oracle that they have to work together to stop the next evil plaguing their world, his reaction is to leave said princess alone in his caves. Princess Fallon has longed to experience life and Earth. Tired of living the submissive and pampered life at court she wants to live and make her own choices, so she jumps at the chance to help the oracles to discover who is trying to control the Commission even if that means working with the obnoxious but so gorgeous and arrogant vampire. They butt heads from the get-go. He can't seem to see past her spoiled and pampered façade to see that she isn't actually either of those things, but she can't stop fantasizing about him. Cyn tries to ignore her presence in his lair while he works on his part of the puzzle but he can't seem to stay away from her or stop worrying about her comfort. When pieces start to fall into place Cyn and Fallon also start to spend more time together. When Cyn is nearly killed by the villain Fallon rushes to save him, which leads to her royal fiancé finding out where she is. Cyn hates Magnus on site and when Magnus forces Fallon to break the engagement Cyn doesn't stop long enough to think, he just wants to claim her for his own. As they fight along side each other, Fallon fights to be independent and for Cyn to accept that she wants to have the choice as to who she spends her life with. Cyn comes to realize that she is his mate but he knows he can't stake a claim on her, not after all that her father and ex-fiance put her through. But he will not stop trying to prove to her that he is the best choice and that she is safe with him. I loved the story and their character development. Their interactions on the page were great to watch. The plot was strong and the conflict developed at a good pace. I enjoyed the side plot with Magnus and Tonya too. I looked forward to their page time. Overall great story and a wonderful romance.

Power Game (GhostWalker Novel, A) - Christine Feehan

The next installment of the Ghost Walkers was really good. After Spider Game, I did get a little worried about the series but this one puts my faith back into it being one of my favorite series. Bellisia and Ezekiel are great together, their chemistry was strong but didn't over power the reader. The conflicts were awesome, without spoiling anything some series stuff happens in this one that I think helped refresh the series. The plot line of the great protector, Ezekiel, who has spent his whole life protecting his brothers, finally has something for himself in Bellisia and she is definitely a strong partner for him.  She can fight along side him and stand up to his bossiness when she doesn't agree with something he says.  Their chemistry was sweet and passionate, but not over the top. Violet is the villain in this one and she is one nasty piece of work and poor Joe wants to save her so badly, it is sad to watch.  Anyway, it was a great read and a strong addition to the series.

Leopard's Fury (A Leopard Novel) - Christine Feehan

Alonzo Massi is a character we met in Wild Cat. So going into this one I knew to expect another dominant male that on the outside came across cold and unfeeling. In a lot of ways, he was a copy of Elijah, just with a harsher past. Evangeline we met back in Drake and Saria's book. She is the girl that raised herself in the swamp to get away from her cruel grandfather. She has one unique trait that most female leopards don't have, she and her leopard have been partners since she was a toddler trying to survive in the Louisiana swamps.  Alonzo and Evangeline have known each other for about a year. He came into her bakery one day and kept coming back, so we actually see from the periphery Siena's story and Alonzo's rise to boss. He tried to keep his distance but he couldn't; she calmed his leopard and him and that was a gift better than gold for him. She was attracted to him but because of his cold demeanor, she came to think it was one sided and starts to push away. The action was great, they didn't rush into the passion like some other Leopard books. A huge chunk of the story took place before they did the deed and in taking their time it made it more believable and less intense. I enjoyed their story, I liked her spunk and independent nature, I loved that he so easily portrayed how much she meant to him and how humbled he was to have the gift of her in his life. I also liked how she won over his brother and cousins and called them her "boys". She didn't just accept him, but his whole family and claimed them for herself. This one was good.

Wild Cat (A Leopard Novel) - Christine Feehan

With any Leopard book you know you are going to get a lot of passion, intense males, and strong women. Ever since I met Elijah in Rachel and Rio's book, I knew his book would be intense and passionate. In the beginning, he really messed up with Siena, but he worked so hard to prove to her that the harsh things he did and said was not true and he didn't believe any of the cruel things he said. She was so fragile and she went through a lot in a 24-36 hour period and Elijah spends the rest of the book winning her over, protecting her, and frustrating her to no end. Their arguments were cute, I liked that she wouldn't curse and the way she sometimes spoke was formal. Every time she spoke that way Elijah had such a hard time not laughing. I enjoyed his book. It had the emotional tension that I love in a Feehan book with headstrong arrogant males and the woman that aren't willing to compromise what they expect from the men they love and are strong enough to stand up to their arrogant ways.

A Vampire's Embrace - Caris Roane

The next installment in Caris Roane's spin-off of the Blood Rose series brings us Holly, a college professor that on the outside comes across as uptight and judgmental. She doesn't agree with Rez's desertion from the Vampire Guard. He is a rough-around-the-edges biker type that likes women and hates commitment. He doesn't have time to deal with Miss Lofty College Professor when he is hunting for his kidnapped daughter, the only surviving member of his murdered family. He doesn't care what people think of his actions to leave the Guard and he certainly doesn't seem to like Holly, but when he is injured fighting the Invictus he knows he is moments from death and reaches out to Holly who had healed him months earlier in a bar fight with Mastyr Stone. She comes to his aid because she is drawn to him though she doesn't want to be. That moment of healing him starts the ball rolling on their adventure with looking for his daughter, dealing with their strong attraction to each other even though they don't particularly like each other, and the new development of Holly being a Blood Rose. Sparks fly and they come to know each other better, but Rez tells her straight up that he has no love in his heart to give her and doesn't want a relationship with her. She knows she will have to find a Mastyr to bond with even though she only wants Rez. She refuses to push him for more than he can give and in the end sacrifices herself to save his daughter. Rez of course only needed a push to realize that he loves Holly and he flies to her rescue. I liked them as a couple. They are strong, the conflicts they face to have a relationship are well developed and they come together slowly (sort of). I liked the pace, the passion, Holly's rebellious tendencies that Rez had no idea she had, and Rez was a very strong male lead. The bad guys are formidable but not more than our heroes can handle. I liked this one.

Spellbinder - Thea Harrison

Book two in the spin-off series brings us Morgan Le Fae's story. We met him in book one, he was the bad guy that Isabeau Queen of the Light Fae commanded. But even in book one, we saw that he wasn't all that bad. In this one, we find out the truth and when he risks his freedom to save Sidonia, a musician he found while escaping from the Light Fae Court, we come to realize the depths of his character. When Sid is kidnapped by Robin and her livelihood threatened by Mordred's cruel actions, we see that she will be Morgan's perfect match. They were great together. Their story of getting to know each other, her tenacity to learn all of his secrets, and his draw to her no matter the risks was great to watch develop and grow. Their passion is so explosive and romantic. I loved the plot line, the conflicts they have to overcome and when Sid gives up her chance at happiness to set him free you can't help but get choked up along with her.  I loved the story a lot even more than I liked book one.

Blood Vow: Black Dagger Legacy - J.R. Ward

Book two was so much better than book one, Blood Kiss. I loved the fact that it focused a lot on Rhage and Mary so it was very much a continuation of The Beast. Definitely, read The Beast before this book. Axe and Elise were also great. They were a strong set of characters, their plot line was strong and well developed, and the conflicts kept the story moving along great. Axe was the tough guy type with a heart of gold and he believed that Elise was the "spoiled little rich girl" type but as he got to know her he comes to realize that she is his perfect match to fill the void he has had since he lost his father in the raids.  Elise has been drawn to Axe since the moment she met him and even his rough and rude edges won't keep her away from him when he is hired to be her body guard. There isn't anything I didn't like about the story or characters. The passion was great, the emotional turmoil for Rhage and Mary with their daughter Bitty was hard to watch but a great story line, love them as a couple.

The Beast - J.R. Ward

This one was good.  I enjoyed watching Rhage and Mary's journey to parenthood and Bity was just too cute. There was emotional tension (Rhage was seriously injured in the beginning) and he doesn't understand why there has been this distance between him and Mary until he holds L.W. then it is like he just got blindsided by the fact that he wants to be a father but knows Mary can't have any. Mary feels guilt for the fact that in the back of her mind, she fought to save Rhage not because she couldn't live without him, but rather that she didn't want to leave Bity all alone. I very much enjoyed watching Rhage and Bity together, and Assail is becoming more and more prominent in the battle against the Brotherhoods foes. The action was great, Layla does have her twins, Zcor is in the Brotherhood's custody, and the plot just flowed really well and had strong conflicts. This one was good.