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The first book in Feehan's Drake Sister's spin-off picks up  right where the last Drake Sisters book (Hidden Currents) leaves off.  It focuses on Lev Prakenskii, Ilya's brother and the bodyguard to Stavros (very bad guy in Hidden Currents).  He his rescued from the sea by Rikki, a water element who happens to be autistic, though very high functioning.  At first Lev doesn't remember anything of what happened, but he does know that he is a bad man and has skills only a very violent man should have, so he considering killing Rikki and taking off with her boat.  But thankfully, something draws him to her and he begins rationalizing why he shouldn't, though he does fight the attraction (a little).  The only negative I found in the beginning of the book is that he doesn't resist long, and a man like him shouldn't accept or stop fighting the attraction as quickly as he does. Don't get me wrong, I liked Lev, he was cool and developed into a strong character with some vulnerabilities that were touching to witness. He just could have started off a little bit more anti-attraction, anti-relationship, anti-weakness (for he sees giving in to his attraction as a weakness).


Rikki, on the other hand, is really a cool character.  She is quirky and entertaining to read. She is perfect for Lev.  The conflicts in the book fit well and were not overdramatized or over the top. They fall into the It-could-happen-in-real-life category.  There is no mastermind or evil incarnate, but rather someone who is mentally unstable and has been tracking Rikki since she was 13. The second conflict is a cleaner who has been sent to verify if Lev is in fact dead, and if not, to kill him. I think they work well in the plot.  The plot itself didn't really have any dull or dry spots, it moved along smoothly and the two characters carried it well.  The dynamic of the relationship was fun to watch, and watching Lev struggle with his strong desire for a new life, outside of the shadows, and one with Rikki was one of my favorite parts of the plot.  Jonas and Hannah make an appearance in this book, and I am hoping for more cameos as I continue with the series.