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The third book, I think, is my favorite thus far in the series. Maxim comes to accept his attraction to Airiana a little more naturally than Lev and Stephan did in their books.  They were more like "I shouldn't want her, but I will have her" and their backgrounds made it seem like they should have fought against their feelings longer than they did. Maxim, on the other hand, has a different background. He is an arms dealer (undercover of course, but that seems to have been his job for a while). His role in the Russian government seems to have taken a different route, leaving him to come across as less hard. He had a sense of humor and teased Airiana early on.  He flirted with her a bit.  He came across as less harsh or cold (though he was fully capable). He knew about the branding and branded her, knowing full well that by doing so he was linking them together forever.  Lev and Stephan seemed to not know about it, besides instinctually. Maxim declares that she owned what was left of his soul straight out.


Airiana was a fun character. She was strong and fought for what she wanted, and she knew she wanted Maxim.  She offered herself and her love to Maxim if he wanted to reach for it. At first he turns her down, but she doesn't give up, showing him that she was the real deal.  Their interactions were passionate and fun. The conflict was entertaining and suspenseful.  The villain is the brother of Stavros and he wants Airiana because she knows how to create a weapon he wants to control.  Airiana's father also shows up and wants her for the same thing.  She never knew her father, didn't even know who he was, and he suddenly shows up. Unfortunately, he doesn't want her because he wants to know his daughter, he wants her for her knowledge on the project she created when she was 14.  There is a lot of action, fights, and suspense.  Through it all, Airiana stays strong, making her my favorite 'sister of the heart'. This one was overall a fun read, the characters are very cute together and work off each other well.