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The story of Seth and Lorelei was sweet and enjoyable.  There were no complicated conflicts or intense emotional highs and lows, rather it was a relaxing read that moved quickly and wasn't ever dull.  There were no dry spots in the plot or conflict.  The villain is Lorelei's mother again, the Ancient Fae, and Seth and Lorelei do battle her with a large contingency of shifters. Lorelei is a unique character, she is the only one to be a little bit vampire, a good portion shifter, a good portion fae, with some wraith thrown into the mix.  She is powerful and has been on the run, hiding from her mom for a large portion of her adult life.  She is a loner due to her constant moving around to stay out of her mother's clutches. Seth is a mastyr vampire who is over a 1000 years old, and for the majority of those years he has also remained a loner.  Lorelei is entrusted with Seth's safety by the queen, she is to be his bodyguard, which Seth doesn't understand because Lorelei has absolutely no training for that kind of role.  But he will not go against the queen's request, so he watches over her.

Lorelei has been attracted to Seth from the very beginning and has hid her feelings from him because she knows he is a loner and would not appreciate her affections, or so she thinks.  Seth is attracted to her, but also keeps his distance out of duty and respect.  When they do come together it is explosive.  It comes out that Lorelei is also a blood rose, Seth's blood rose, and once that becomes apparent there isn't anything that is going to keep these two away from each other.  Of course the typical events take place, Seth refuses to bond with her because of a betrayal in his past, and it takes losing Lorelei to wake him up to the realization that he does love her, and she isn't going to betray him, ever.  The battle at the end is fast paced and entertaining.  Overall, it was enjoyable, but not my favorite Blood Rose book in the series, that I think still goes to Book 3, Embrace the Mystery. 

I must say though, that I loved watching Lorelei provoke Seth every single time.  She knew exactly what to say to get him to lose control and the passion to ignite.  It was fun to watch.