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Veiled picks up one month after book 1, Awakening, leaves off.  Book one had some seriously intense emotional scenes which made for an engrossing read.  Book 2 starts off with the fact that Duncan has broken things off (again) with Rachel and Rachel has kept her distance because she now understands the demons Duncan is dealing with. Of course, because of the breh-hedden, the couple finds it really hard to stay away. Duncan succeeds until the moment when it becomes clear that by ignoring Rachel's needs, the breh-hedden has left her in a world of hurts. When the couple comes back together, Duncan discovers that his Third-Earth grayle powers and his visions are directly tied to his breh relationship with Rachel, so he has been not only harming Rachel but also his mission. He makes another commitment to Rachel (though he doesn't voice a promise this time, it is more of an internal decision that he will try harder), and they move forward with their mission to infiltrate Third-Earth.  Once they are back together, things move quickly.  All of the team successfully taps into their grayle powers and a new mission is set when it comes out the reason for Merl's exile. Merl and Endelle's characters, both take steps into their own personal futures; Merl comes clean to the team and discovers that the deal he struck with Yolanthe was not kept and his sacrifices were for nothing causing him to change his tune, and Endelle discovers where her path is to lead changing the way I saw her (and in a good way). I enjoyed the plot, though I did find book two a bit more sedate compared to the first one with its highs and lows concerning Duncan and Rachel.  I do look forward to reading the conclusion to Rapture's Edge and am still in love with the Ascension world Caris created.  Can't wait!