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I looked forward to reading Tiger's book, and it didn't disappoint. I loved Tiger and Carly as a couple, and how they meet and get together was so cute. She is dressed in an all white dress and heels and her car breaks down. She leans into the passenger side window to grab her phone and when she emerges Tiger is behind her checking her out. Tiger's first glimpse of Carly is off her rear-end and he likes what he sees. He knows right then and there that Carly is his mate and he sets out to win her. There is only one small problem, Carly is engaged. Carly gives Tiger a ride after he fixes her car and she goes to her fiance's house and stumbles on to him cheating on her with a woman on the kitchen counter. Carly is devastated and runs out, accidently leaving Tiger there. Jump ahead a bit and Carly comes to find out that Tiger has been shot by her now ex-fiance and she rushes to his side. From there they are rarely separated because of the adventure they end up taking together.

Carly is drawn to Tiger, but she doesn't want to rush into anything because she doesn't trust herself, after her very poor judgment concerning her ex-fiance. Tiger slowly shows her that he is reliable and will be there for her, that she can trust him. Their love affair is passionate and sweet. Carly teaches him how to kiss, which he ends up considering it one of his favorite things to do with Carly. The antagonist in this book is the Shifter Bureau who has discovered the research that created Tiger in the first place so they want him back. They shoot him several times to see how quickly he can heal. They endanger Carly to pull him out of hiding. Walker Danielson is an agent of the Bureau, but he doesn't agree with his commanding officers plans for Tiger (which are pretty much dissect him and make more). He ends up helping Tiger escape the country with Carly. Another small antagonist in this book is the fact that the Shiftertown leaders have heard about Tiger's outbursts and shootings and want him either collard for real (he wears a fake one), or killed. Liam disagrees with the other leaders, but he does have his concerns. He believes that Tiger is uncontrollable and he fears Tiger's next violent outbursts. When Carly and Tiger escape to Mexico, Liam and his trackers track them down. Tiger disappears, but they catch up with Carly and Carly pretty much gives Liam her two cents about how he has been treating Tiger and the truth of why Tiger reacts violently and that he isn't dangerous to other shifters (not really). They leave Tiger in Mexico and Carly goes back to Austin. She doesn't see Tiger for several weeks and she begins to deal with the symptoms of being pregnant. Tiger comes back and saves the day and they do end up living happily ever after. I won't go into the conclusion, you just have to go read it. :-)

I loved Carly, she had spunk and drive. Her interactions with Tiger and the other shifters were some of my favorite scenes. I do recommend this book. It is one of my favorites in the series.