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The story of Jace and Deni was cute.  I liked seeing the damaged Deni find healing and I liked seeing Jace find his soul mate.  Between having a spy who was informing the police about shifter dealings (including Jace being there illegally), the search for a way to safely remove the collars, and the next to impossible odds that they could have a happily-ever-after being they were from two different shifter towns, made for a quick and entertaining ride. Jace's ability to pull Deni back from the brink of going feral and Deni's inevitable role in making sure Jace doesn't go feral after a plane crash also added to the appeal of their relationship.  It was a quick read, so the conflicts were not majorly dramatic, but it wasn't ever dull. It was not my favorite of the Shifters Unbound series, but it was definitely still worth the read because of how we have watched the two characters develop in previous novels.