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By Grace Burrowes The Laird (Captive Hearts) - Grace Burrowes

The third book in the Captive Hearts Series, was, as Grace Burrowes mentions in her author's note, different from other books by Burrowes has written. The story starts off slowly and the relationship builds slowly, even though they were married 9 years ago, before Michael went off to war in France.  Brenna was 16 when she married 21-year-old Michael, and she felt abandoned by her husband.  She built a life for herself as lady of the castle, though her people aren't quite happy with her. Michael finally comes home to find a grown woman where he left a young girl, and a castle in far better condition that he left it. He also finds that his wife is not happy to see him and a long struggle to earn her trust and affection, for he quickly realizes that he does love her and he regrets staying away for so long. He also slowly comes to realize that his wife has secrets and has major trust issues.  Pieces slowly come to light as Michael works to win his wife's love and trust.  Brenna holds her secrets very close to her heart.  If she confides in Michael, she fears she will hurt him, but by keeping silent about her painful past, she is protecting him. The secrets she holds are hard to read about once she finally opens up, but I think Grace Burrowes handled well. They do get their happy ever after and the bad guy does get found out and justice is served. The road to that happy ending built slowly and I enjoyed the story and the characters. The trilogy overall isn't my favorite series by Grace Burrowes, but I did enjoy reading the three books in the series and I do recommend it to any who likes Grace Burrowes.