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The first book in her new series, The True Gentlemen, was an entertaining and enjoyable story.  I like how it starts out with the proposal and how they barely know each other. It gives me a glimpse of how things might have been when people married for status or security. I enjoyed the passion between the two characters and the conflict of how to trust someone you just met, and just married.

Noah Winters presents himself as not being a nice man, but he is nothing but nice. Yes, he reacts poorly on their wedding night when he finds out she isn't chaste and has lied to him, and he did bring up her past a couple times, but overall he was a nice if maybe a very serious man. Thea is a strong woman with a painful moment in her past that taints her new marriage to Noah, but she doesn't give up and slowly Noah does come around.  

I enjoyed it and I look forward to the next instalment, Tremaine's True Love coming out in August.