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I enjoyed this installment a lot because it felt more real, rather than a bit formulaic. The fact that they used to be together made fighting the relationship more realistic and freshened up the old formula that the previous books tended to have. I understood why they fought not to get too entangled up again. The bad guy was a surprise, yet not. I liked that though Margetta was still the main villain, they had another antagonist that was a bit refreshing. I liked the look of both main characters in this one. Ian was this rough guy with a ring on every finger who preferred fighting the Invictus with his bare hands, didn't wear the traditional Vampire Guard uniform, and was just a well muscled biker kind of dude.  Regan was also a cool character that liked her dark make-up, leather, tight jeans and ankle boots.  They fit together perfectly. I liked how it ended. It had a feeling of redemption as well as a happily-ever-after. I don't want to spoil anything so I will just say, this one was fun and passionate.


**Copy gifted in exchange for an honest review.