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I absolutely loved this story. It reminded me of Caressed by Ice (Judd's story) and Heart of Obsidian (Kaleb's story). Vasic is very much like Judd and Kaleb, Silent, tortured, and hungry for the acceptance of the woman that has caught their attention. The story is passionate, emotional, adventurous, and entertaining. I love Vasic and enjoyed following another story of an arrow finding happiness. Ivy is a strong character who is attracted by Vasic and she doesn't let him accept his cold existence, or his tendency to punish himself for the actions of his past. I love the Spy-Changling series and I think that it is just getting better.  The plot and conflicts are continuing to progress and it is not getting dull or formulaic. I also love that the stories are now focusing on the Arrows, they have intrigued me ever since book 3, Caressed by Ice with Judd, and I like reading about the Arrows finding their happy ending.