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Bring Me A Dream: Reveler Series 5 - Erin Kellison

The 5th book in the series was ok.  I liked the two main characters, Vince and Mirren, and the action picks up right where book 4 leaves off.  Vince is a man with demons, he knows that he is no longer the man he was before he was stranded in the Scrape and nearly died, he knows he is crazy.  Mirren Lambert is a woman haunted by her father's cruelty and doesn't know how to trust anyone.  Both of the characters team up because they both want something that they see, by working together, will get them what they want--Didier Lambert dead and her son safe from her father. Along the way they hook up and find solace and peace within each other's arms. The action is quick, the plot even quicker.  It was a short read and didn't really slow down.  It wasn't overly dramatic and passionate, but it was enjoyable to see the next chapter in the Reveler world unfold.  A new bad guy emerges at the end of this book and the question arises as to whether the devil they knew could have been better to deal with than the devil they don't.