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Earth Bound (A Sea Haven Novel) - Christine Feehan

I truly love this series.  It is one of those series that you just feel good reading. The setting, the characters, the struggles, the sense of redemption the characters go through, the passion, the humor, the love, all make for a wonderful story and a wonderful series.  This latest installment doesn't disappoint, in fact, I have to say that this is my favorite thus far in the whole Sisters of the Heart series!  I love Gavriil and Lexi as a couple and as characters.  Lexi is a beautiful soul and Gavriil is a hard man in desperate need of a soft touch and true acceptance and love. Lexi's backstory is heartbreaking; she was taken from her family at 8 years old to be raised in a cult where she was forced to "marry" the man who abducted her.  In her mid to late teen years, she plans an escape and succeeds, but in the back of her mind is always this fear that her "husband" will find her and take her back. Gavriil Prakenskii is the brother who was viciously attacked, barely survived, and then hunted down to be assassinated because he was no longer "usable" by his government as an assassin.  His brothers all help him disappear and he comes to Sea Haven after many years of hiding because his youngest brother, Ilya, has been placed on a hit list.  He has come to lead the assassins away and to say goodbye to his brothers.  He never expects to meet Lexi, but when he does, he knows she is his, his chance at a better life and a chance to find peace and love.  He claims that chance and is there to save her from her "husband" when he comes to take her back.  That sets up the story where they need to work together to eliminate the cult threat to Lexi, while Gavriil tries to win Lexi's fragile trust. Their story is heartbreaking and beautiful all at the same time.  I absolutely loved Gavriil's patience and his ferocious need to protect Lexi, and Lexi's ability to accept Gavriil for the man he is, flaws and all.