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Crave The Night - Lara Adrian

Passionate, intense, and erotic, this latest installment in the Nightbreed series takes you on a roller coaster of emotional highs and emotional lows. The back and forth between the two main characters, as to 'does he like her or doesn't he like her' and 'am I worthy of her or not' leaves the reader guessing as to how and when the characters will finally open up and trust in their feelings and desires. There are plot twists and nice surprises, though others you can kind of figure out early on. The series is no longer one solely focused on humans vs. Breed or Breed vs. Breed, it now adds a whole new villain to the mix, Atlanteans, and not a lot is known about them yet. I enjoyed the story, and I enjoyed the characters. I liked seeing Nathan get his happy ending, especially after getting to know him way back when Hunter and Corinn get together and go rescue her son, and I'm glad Jordana broke away from what was expected of her and went for what she truly wanted. I look forward to seeing where Lara Adrian takes this new installment and the great love stories that she is capable of telling.  She takes the reader on a great ride and I look forward to the next installment.