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The third installment of Christine Feehan's Leopard series is an intense and passionate ride. I couldn't put it down. Jake is an extremely strong dominate male with a horrible abusive past. It is a roller coaster that takes you from your comfort zone. Sometimes you want to hate him and other times you are rooting for Emma to save him. Jake controls all aspects of his life, including sex.  He uses it as a tool, a weapon, and he has set his eye on Emma.  He has no intention of getting emotionally involved because he doesn't believe in love.  He believes in making her addicted to him and what he can give her, but he plans to keep his distance. 

When Emma accepts Jake's invitation to move to Texas after her husband dies and she finds herself pregnant, broke, and alone, she doesn't expect to fall for the cold and distant Jake.  After two years of living in his home and running the home and raising her daughter and his son, Jake begins to make his move to win her and make her addicted to his touch and what he can offer her. Jake's version of sex is intense and at times very dominate, and the inexperienced Emma is overwhelmed by what Jake needs and wants when having sex.  She has come to know Jake and understands that because of his abusive past he doesn't know the softer side of sex and making love, so she sets out to completely accept who he is, what he needs, and to show him that it doesn't matter, that she loves him no matter what.

The action is intense and passionate all the way through to the very end. I loved it. Great story that just sucks the reader into the rollercoaster that is Emma and Jake.