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The fifth installment to the Leopard series has really strong characters and they definitely drive the action.  I loved Saria!  She rocked everything and had some great lines.  Drake was her perfect partner and he kept up with her well.  Their passion was great between the two of them. The antagonist was a nice surprise, Feehan didn't give us any hints as to who it would end up being, until the very end. Feehan really knows how to keep the reader guessing until she is ready for us to know who the antagonist truly is. I enjoyed going back to New Orleans, some of my favorite books by Feehan seem to take place there (or northern California coast--Drake Sisters series rocks!), so I loved returning there and can't wait to read Remy's story :-)  I continue to enjoy this series.  I want to say though that it isn't my favorite of Feehan's series, so if you are debating on which to start with I recommend the Drake sisters first, followed by the Ghost Walkers, then the Leopard series.  Feehan really knows how to tell a story and her characters are always strong and well developed.  The action and conflict in this one was good and moved quickly.  There are no slow spots in it. Overall, a good read :-)  

Rio's book is still my favorite, followed by Jake's book, then this one, so it is one of the better ones in the series.