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I was leery that this was just going to be another Blood Rose series, especially when the vampire ended up having longish hair, wore leather, was part of a guard force, and flew his girl all over the place with her feet resting on his boots. As the story progressed, details that started to surface within the plot and conflict that allowed it to stand on its own and not be another Blood Rose series.  


I like the setting. It is a post-apocalyptic-esk world set in Phoenix, Arizona. A new drug has shown up in society called Blood Flame, due to its side effect of a flame like pattern showing up on the person's neck. Sometimes there is a serum that is laced into the drug that causes people to become "altered" and they became either a witch, vampire, dead-talker, or shifter; all depending on which serum is laced into the drug. The altered person then has to leave their old life (regardless of whether they are married, have children, or successful lives) and move to a fenced off part of Phoenix that has been war-torn and sectioned off into quadrants.  Each new species has their own quadrant and they hate the other altered-races. 


As the story progresses, I began to enjoy it more. It was refreshing, even with the similarities to the Blood Rose series. The characters were strong and the love story was beautiful. It had highs and lows and moved smoothly without any lulls in plot and conflict. The two main characters are entertaining and interesting. I enjoyed watching their relationship develop and strengthen. I will definitely read more of this new series.


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