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This was a fun read!  The way the author writes, the lines of dialogue she comes with are unique, funny, and original.  The female character, Ella, is spunky and entertaining.  Ella has hidden her magic even from herself, because she fears that it killed people she loved when she was younger. The problem with holding it in is that the longer she holds it in, the harder it is to keep it in and it explodes out of her. When she meets Kees she is forced to realize that the magic is part of who she is and that she needs to understand it in order to control it.  She learns that it isn't something she should fear, but embrace.  The male character is a brooding  and passionate partner for Ella. He doesn't understand the little human and he doesn't understand his draw to her.  He fights his attraction to her, pushing her away, thinking that he has to be nonemotional in order to fight the Darkness. But as the story progresses, he learns that she is his mate and that together they are stronger. I enjoyed the plot and the conflict was well developed.  I didn't see all of the bad guys coming (one was an obvious giveaway), some were a nice surprise.  The love story wasn't over done and felt realistic (not like some romances where you feel like things are rushed).  I definitely look forward to reading more from this series.