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The second book is enjoyable, though it missed some of the great liners that book one had. It was still cute and enjoyable, but I didn't find myself highlighting a lot for a Quote Tastic post on my blog or a favorite quote section of this review. I liked Spar, but he really was a bit too thick headed and didn't realize that he had to spell out a few things for the uneducated Felicity (in the ways of the Guardians) about what it truly meant to claim a mate. If he had, I think it would have saved him so much stress over whether she loved him and she would have stopped dreading the day he would have to leave her. Overall, the conflict was good, but not as good as in book one. The plot and love story were entertaining, but as as entertaining as book one. But it was good enough for me to pick up book three and see how Wynn does with her own guardian.