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The Raider - Monica McCarty

I have absolutely loved reading this series!  Monica McCarty's blend of fact and fiction makes for a stunning story.  I love the history she surrounds her stories and characters with and I love that at the end of each book she has a chapter that explains the real history and where she deviated in order to write it.  This installment is just as passionate, just as thrilling, just as emotionally tense as every other book that has come before it.  I loved the storyline between Robbi and Rosalin. Their struggles and passions make for a great read. Robbi's steadfast pursuit for vengeance and justice and his absolute hatred for anything English sets up the conflict for this story. Rosalin finds herself stuck in a village being raided by a group of rebel Scots and she runs to the aid of her nephew when she sees that he has been captured.  By doing so, she finds herself kidnapped by none-other than the man she had set free 6 years earlier from her brother's pit prison.  Neither have forgotten the other in the entire 6 years and Robbi is shocked to discover that his savior is none other than the sister of his worst enemy. This conflict of loyalties and past deeds sets the story up. Rosalin loves Robbi, but he constantly puts up road blocks, and hurts her (emotionally) with the things he says, and so she struggles to win his trust and his love up to the very end.  Like every other Highland Guard book, the climax happens when Robbi pushes her away one-too-many times and she leaves. If you enjoy historical romance and have not picked up a book by Monica McCarty, then you have no idea what you are missing out on and you need to put down what you are reading now and pick up book 1 in this series, The Chief. You will not regret it. I absolutely love, love, LOVE this series!!