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This installment is as passionate and intense, just like the other books. This one doesn't disappoint, though I think Arrow bungled things up the worst in how he hurt Cate. Each installment usually has an intense sense of taking the relationship, and testing it to the limit and once that limit is met, that is when the true feelings come out (which makes for an intense read), and out of all of the books I think Gregor went too far.  I'm not sure I could have forgiven him for what he does, even with it not going "all the way". At times their relationship and interactions made me smile and laugh outright. Other times I wanted to hit Gregor over the head for his stupidity. I loved the story and I actually liked the change in setting. This one takes place mainly away from the war, so the plot was refreshing and the surprise about who Cate is, was unexpected, which is always great when you can't see where the author is going until they reveal their plot twists. In the end, I think she should have made Gregor suffer more, but I am happy that they had their happy ending. I even liked more that the epilogue jumped way into the future and gave a glimpse of life after the war. Another great installment in an awesome and thrilling series. I know there are only three books left in the series and I am SO not ready for this series to end.  I can't wait to see what Monica McCarty does next!