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Dragon on Top - G.A. Aiken

G.A. Aiken has a way with words.  Her character dialogue and how her characters interact with each other is so unique, I have not found another author with a writing style similar.  Her stories are funny, entertaining, sometimes over the top (in how her dragon characters interact), but every story leaves you with a smile on your face and a happy ending that leaves you feeling good and wanting to return to the world of her Dragonkin. This short story doesn't disappoint.  It is a quick read and her two characters can't be more opposite.  Bram is the peacemaker and Glheanna enjoys making war.  Bram has loved Glheanna for years, but in his quiet way, has never acted on it. Her family is completely aware of his feelings, she on the other hand, is completely unaware of his feelings and even to his presence. She is tasked to "babysit" the peacemaker on his journey to another dragon kingdom, but on the way they are attacked and have to seek shelter in the underwater dragon kingdom, a place Bram never wanted to return to. While there Glheanna starts to see Bram, and just as he is about fed up with the fact that she seems completely unaware of him, she makes a move on him and they don't look back after that.  They are committed and passionate and a great team.  They bring about a peace treaty between their kingdom and two others and along the way weed out traitors and mate for life.  I loved returning to the Dragonkin world, and it really makes me want to pick up the series again and reread it.  

Copy received on loan from NetGalley