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Laird of the Black Isle
Paula Quinn
The Taming of Malcolm Grant (The MacGregors: Highland Heirs) - Paula Quinn

Quinn has a way with dialogue. I love reading her Scottish characters use the accent. The way she writes the dialogue is so fun to read and imagine the characters speaking. She paints a beautiful story and I enjoy diving back into her plots and characters. This one focuses on the rake Malcolm Grant. He has given up on finding the love that his cousins, parents, and grandparents seem to have found and always talk about. He has become cynical and has given up on finding it for himself. His brother and him go to a brothel so his younger brother can be with a woman for the first time, but Malcolm has no plans to indulge himself. That is when he meets Emma, the blind sister of his friend Harry who runs the brothel. He and his brother get into a fight and are badly injured. It is Emma's job to save both of them. While he is her patient, they get to know each other. She knows his reputation, so she tries to stay clear of him, but she does enjoy talking with him. Malcolm also finds that he enjoys her company. She can't see him so his usual way of charming ladies doesn't work on her. They spend time together and grow to care for each other. Emma falls more quickly, but she is scared she cares for him more than he cares for her.

The scenes on the beach are the epitome of romance, man are they beautiful! The conflict and drama kept the pace going and there were no dull areas. It was an overall wonderful and sweet read. I recommend it for the beach scenes alone, very yummy :