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The sixth installment of the Sci-Fi/Paranormal romance series was a very quick read and enjoyable.  It revisited Sera and Harlen. Harlen has taken on a new job with Chimera and the story starts off with him in Washington D.C. presenting in front of a panel of senators with Ms. Bright, the director of Chimera.  From page one, the action picks up pace and continues smoothly and quickly.  The Oneiros and the nightmares from the Scrape are infiltrating more and more and Harlen and his friends know something big is coming.  This story has action and a few brief private moments between Harlen and Sera, but the story mainly focuses on the continued battle to save people from both the Oneiros and the nightmares. I enjoyed the story and look forward to seeing what happens next.  This one ends with a pretty big cliffhanger and the nightmares have tipped their hand within the Scrape.


Copy gifted from author in exchange for an honest review.