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Book two in the new Flame series by Caris Roane didn't stand up to what I expected after book 1.  It had moments where it was so melodramatic. The "Oh, we are doomed to fail"before they even started mentality that the characters kept coming back to got a bit annoying.  It was almost like they expected to fail, so why bother hoping for a different outcome. Then there were times when they were intimate that they wouldn't stop talking "Oh, how I love this about you" and "Oh, how I love that about you. It got a bit tiring. The final battle and resolution was good. But the plot was a bit flat. They kept going on about how they didn't have a future, so they didn't want to contemplate their feelings and thinking about how if only they could lock themselves away and hide they would be able to tell the other person how they truly felt.  I enjoyed the final battle in the maze and how they worked as a team and fought to survive. They spent most of the story saying how they were doomed to fail, but as soon as they committed to the final battle, they fought hard to survive and love each other. I enjoyed the world of Five Bridges, so I do think the series has potential, I just for some reason didn't connect with these two characters like I did the characters in book 1.  These two characters fell flat for me.

Copy gifted in exchange for an honest review.