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The Darkest Touch - Gena Showalter

I was so excited when I found out that Gena Showalter was finally writing Torin's story.  I love this series and the Lords are such great characters to read about and her stories are always entertaining, sometimes funny, sometimes emotional, but always well written and developed.  Torin's story is all of that and more.  Keeley is such a strong, yet vulnerable woman, and she is a great match for the very restrained and lonely Torin.  Their story had action, passion, highs and lows (because Torin kept regretting his association with Keeley every time she became sick), that I wasn't sure how they would end up together permanently.  The solution isn't one I saw coming and the source of that solution was also surprising. Torin is a very lonely and guilt ridden warrior who, shocker, is still a virgin! (he hadn't even "gone all the way" before he was cursed with Disease) Their road to happily-ever-after took them through many realms, dungeons, Hell, ecstasy, and heartache, but they do find it and the ending is great. Loved it! Now Gena Showalter just has to hurry up and get to William the Ever Randy's story, that will be so delicious! :-)