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I couldn't put this one down! It has been a bit of awhile since I found a book that left me so hooked and distracted that I read at work instead of worked. This book did that. It was delicious, hilarious, passionate, intense, and emotional. I mean the words Elin came up with and the way she could turn a phrase; it was hilarious and fun. Loved her. Her emotional struggles were real and I sympathized with her dilemma. Thane was intense and larger than life. Their relationship was entertaining and enjoyable to watch unfold. The conflict was large and posed a problem, one that was realistic and formidable. The villain had to be big and bad to give our couple a challenge and he did. I truly enjoyed watching Thane open up and fall in love. I loved watching him work to win Elin. There isn't anything I didn't love about this story. The only negative is the undetermined amount of time I am going to have to wait till book 4 is released. There is no cover yet for it or a blurb, which bodes ill and a long wait in store.