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The 11th book was an enjoyable addition to the Highland Guard saga. It was full of passion, drama, suspense, humor, and friendship. It had similarities with Striker's story, but thankfully it didn't take Elizabeth and Thom 6 years to rectify everything, it was only 3. How they end up taking Edinburgh castle near the end of the story was inventive and suspenseful. (Sorry, no spoilers here) :-) I liked the ending and the love story. My one very small complaint is with Thom's thoughts occasionally. He goes from wanting her to leaving her to wanting her to leaving her, and from loving her to hating her to loving her to hating her to loving her again. His turmoil of will-he-or-won't-he did get a tad tedious. I did enjoy the scenes near the end when Elizabeth called him out on his pattern of behavior in the past and how unfair he was in his summation of her behavior and choices. It didn't have as many moments where my heart was in my throat, like some of the other books, but McCarty still does deliver an enjoyable and passionate read within the world we have come to love. I enjoyed returning to the Douglas storyline and seeing Thom and Elizabeth finally get together, and I liked seeing the Guard take on a new and very worthy member of their team.