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This is the first book in the Maiden Lane series and it was a great beginning to a series that includes 12 books. The setting was well described and the diverse characters lure you into wanting to read more of the books in order to read and get to know the other characters. I loved the male lead, Lazarus, in this story. He was complex and intriguing. I enjoyed the plot and the conflict. Temperance was a strong heroine and I enjoyed watching her relationship with Lazarus unfold. The murders they set out to solve reminded me of the Jack the Ripper murders, so when the villain was revealed I was sort of surprised but I did like that I didn't see the villain coming. The elusive character of the Ghost of St. Giles was interesting and I look forward to seeing more of the silent harlequined caped crusader.

My only pet peeve is  that I didn't like when he kissed her the first time. It was too soon. They were discussing the fact that she couldn't save foundling children from being sold to whoremongers. It was the wrong time for the first passionate kiss. But this small detail didn't detract from enjoying the book overall. It was an entertaining and enjoyable story.