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The couple was explosive and passionate. I found Hero, on occasion, to be a bit flat, but only during brief moments. Overall the dynamic between the two main characters worked well together. I really liked Griffen; he was complex, well crafted, flawed (of course) but deviously redeemable. The plot was entertaining and the conflict good. The story wasn't very strong (I think the plots of The Rules of Scoundrels by Sarah MacLean were stronger), but I did enjoy the read and it was easy to get lost in. The subplots did occasionally get annoying; I hate leaving the main couple to read about a sub story going on, but I know they are building more of the plot line of the series as a whole. I didn't much care for Thomas, Hero's original fiancé. He came across as immature and childish at times and volatile at others. There was no clear cut "bad guy" in the story, but the conflicts did move the story along and kept the reader engaged.