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I love paranormal and historical romance novels. I love talking about books and finding out about new authors and books to read. I also love supporting and promoting my favorite authors.


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Ok, this installment was a horror movie meets the zombie apocalypse meets a corrupt government group who-takes-over-the-world-not-realizing-the-thing-they-worshipped-was-going-to-destroy-them, too.   This one had freaky moments, sad moments, a few light moments, but all intense. Things have come to a head in the series. The Sandman has arrived and he is freaky as hell. I enjoyed it, but it was creepy at times. Not much of a romance, the couples have all been established and now the stories are just continuing the battle the couples face to save mankind from Nightmares and their leader, the Sandman. One story remains, I just hope all of the couples have a happy ending because honestly, I don't see a lot of hope of one happening (Which means it is good story telling).