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Another delicious installment in the Midnight Breed series. This one focuses on Rune, a cage fighter with dark secrets and a rough past, and Carys, the daughter of Sterling Chase and Tavia. We met the couple back in Nathan and Jordana's story, Crave the Night. Her family doesn't think he is worthy of her and he believes he doesn't deserve her but can't resist her either. Their relationship is explosive and passionate. As Carys struggles to win Rune permanently as her mate, his past rears up and they are thrust into a battle between the Order (almost all of the original members of the Order do make cameos) and Opus Nostrum. The terrorist cell is hell bent on starting a war between the Breed and humans and Carys and Rune have to stop them and get past Rine's past and his fears about whether a real future is possible together.

I enjoyed their story and I enjoyed returning to the Nightbreed universe. The story was easy to get into and I loved how bad ass Carys ends up being in the final battle to save Rune and herself from the terrorist group.