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 I loved the character of Charming Mickey O'Conner the river pirate. I loved his Irish brogue, his tough exterior demeanor, his playfulness, and vulnerability. Silence was the perfect match to win and tame  (just a little taming, mind you) him. The story was fun, passionate, had a few surprises, and was overall a very enjoyable read. I think book 3 so far is my favorite in the series. 

Silence has lost Mary Darling, the baby girl that was left on her doorstep a year ago and who she has come to see as her daughter. She loves the little girl and she knows who took her, Charming Mickey O'Conner, the infamous river pirate who ruined her reputation and cost her her marriage a year ago (around the time she was given Mary Darling). She has no desire whatsoever to visit Charming Mickey at his palace, but she will not lose her baby girl.  When she arrives, he informs her that she and the baby girl are in danger from his enemies and if she wants to keep Mary Darling then she needed to move in with him since he was not giving her Mary Darling. She agrees, and so starts their sparring and her refusal to submit to his rules. He is shocked to find someone who would blatantly refuse to follow his rules and to bow before him. He likes her spirit, her courage, and he grows to respect her, though he does think she is too innocent for her own good. He sets out to seduce her and in the process slowly loses his heart to her. 

The conclusion was intense and emotional and I loved every second of this book.