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Winter Makepeace has a secret; by day he is a stiff, no none sense, never smile, all too serious manager of the home. By night he is the witty, fluid, daredevil and a vigilante named the Ghost of St. Giles. He has forsaken all happiness, no marriage, no family, no life outside the two roles he plays. He is very devoted to those who can't help themselves.

Isabel is a widower who has grown to enjoy the freedoms that being a wealthy widower entails. She loves to flirt, banter witticisms with gentlemen, and she enjoys society.  But she is also passionate about the Home for Unfortunate Infants and Foundling Children, she has become a patroness of the Home and in order to make the Home stay successful she must teach the stiff necked no sensed manager how to win over a crowd in her society or he will lose the Home he loves.

At the beginning of the book she saved the Ghost from death by an angry mob and has become quite fascinated by him, unlike the stiff necked manager who she thinks needs to live a little. While she nurses the Ghost they banter back and forth and she is quite fascinated by him. Come morning he was gone. Through her lessons, she grows attracted to Winter, but it is the Ghost she chases after for secret kisses and passionate embraces. As things usually go, in instances of two identities, she starts to see that both men are similar and she comes to know who the Ghost really is. Their relationship, when Winter finally lets go of his control, is explosive and passionate. Winter is on the hunt for a criminal who kidnaps  little girls and enslaves them, and his growing affection for a woman who doesn't want anything more serious than an affair, lead the reader through a fast moving plot and conflict. Winter has to figure out where the girls are being held and who the aristocrat is who runs the work home, while fighting to keep the Home his father started. There are a few surprises and the characters were well developed and entertaining. I enjoyed this story with its mystery that had to be solved at the center. I am happy that Winter got his happy ending!