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Godric St. John is a character we met in book one; a dark, brooding, and sad man. Since meeting him, his true love has succumbed to the illness that she contrived 1 year after their marriage. He is also remarried. He has been blackmailed into marrying Lady Margaret, though she does not know this till later on in this book. She has come to London for two things since her marriage to Godric two years prior; she wants vengeance for her lover's death, and she wants her husband to get her with child. Their love story is at times tragic; here are two people who were in love with other people, yet find themselves married to each other. At other times, they seem to breath life and love back into each other. Together they search out her lover's murderer and she helps Godric to live again. The plot was steady and the villain was not obvious, which is always good. The ending was beautiful and I was very happy to see these two people find happiness and love a second time in their lives.