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I looked forward to Phoebe and Jame's story; Captain Tremaine from the get-go was an interesting character, and when I found out that he was going to be Phoebe's guard after his injury, I looked forward to seeing the strict, no-nonsense Captain finds something to cause him to lose that control.  Phoebe had spunk from the moment you met her early on in the series, and when we found out that she was going blind, this sweet, always smiling and happy girl still seemed to stay strong and find things to smile about. I like that she stood up to her brother and Tremaine about her need to live, to not be imprisoned because of her blindness and I loved watching Phoebe break down Captain Tremaine's walls to the heart beneath.  He was very passionate and emotionally invested in Phoebe. I enjoyed finding out more about his back story and I love how she stood up to her brother at the end to get what she wanted in life, which was James as a husband. Very cute couple.