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I love paranormal and historical romance novels. I love talking about books and finding out about new authors and books to read. I also love supporting and promoting my favorite authors.


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Asa Makepeace is a volatile and crude male protagonist, but he is also fiercely passionate and patient. Eve Dinewoody is not a typical heroine, she is quite plain looking and Asa doesn't find her attractive at all, but her personality and strength draw him in unlike beautiful looks. I enjoyed their story, how they sparred together, worked well together, and how Eve stood up to him. I enjoyed watching Asa win Eve's trust and help her with the scars from her past.  Her traumatic past is definitely an obstacle and when she finally reveals the truth to Asa, it explains a lot about how Eve conducted herself in the beginning. The plot was fun, their love story beautiful, and the conflicts moved the story along well.