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Daniel Marlow is sent to Camlochlin to escort a Jacobite MacGregor to London to see Queen Anne. He hates this babysitting job; he is a Knight of the Order of the Garter, General to Queen Anne's army, and a favorite of the Queen; why is he having to go and escort an outlaw to his queen? Abigail MacGregor is going to London to convince the queen that her mom, the true heir to the throne, doesn't want anything to do with it. She doesn't trust, and hates, the English General who has come to escort her. He is the Jacobite Killer and he makes it clear he doesn't like her at all. But through some harrowing circumstances, they come to spend the nights talking about their lives and the days training her to be able to better protect herself. On their trip to London, they are attacked, ambushed by a man close to the queen, take shelter with an infamous Jacobite leader, heal from a knife wound, and in the end come together with passion.


This story was full of passion, adventure, humor, strong characters, and a wonderful plot. I loved this story; it was such a fun read. I love Abby, she is such a strong female protagonist. She is feisty and independent and she fights for what she wants. Daniel is a male protagonist who believes he knows the truth and what he fights for is the right side of the fight. He is a dynamic and strong male lead. Watching how they come together was wonderful. I loved the first time they kissed! They kissed for 3 hours and did nothing else, I mean, how sweet and romantic is that! When they come together at an inn, it is very tamely described (not a lot of detail), which surprised me. The build up was passionate and then the end game was kind of like implied. Later on the details are far more detailed and passionate. Once they arrive at London, the likelihood of them having a chance to have a happy ending is hard to envision. The obstacles in their way do seem formidable. The conflicts do carry the story just as well as the plot between the two main characters. The antagonists are various and formidable. Overall, I loved this story and I love how it ended. Beautifully romantic!!