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The story starts off a bit slow, but once they are married and at his country residence, things pick up. The villain and conflict were believable, the passion good (not great), and the characters were well rounded. The second book in the series wasn't as good as the first, but I do like the two main characters and their story was entertaining. Sabrina Jeffries knows how to tell a great regency romantic tale, and Clarissa is a strong female character.  I did sort of want more from the male lead, Edwin, but he didn't disappoint either.  Nothing stands out as awesome, but it was not a bad read at all. It was enjoyable and I do look forward to Warren's story.  Jeffries Hellions of Halstead Hall still stands as my absolute favorite series by Jeffries, and this story doesn't stack up in comparison to those books or her School for Heiresses series. In the end, not my favorite of hers, but not bad or poorly written (wonderfully written as always), I just couldn't connect with Edwin as a male character and the plot could have had more.