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The second book in the Prometheus Project series takes us back to the post-apocalyptic world where angels are real and visit earth, church and state have become one, the US landscape is barren and scarred in a lot of places, the fashion has gone back to the  historical era where it isn't uncommon for men to wear codpieces and cloaks, and women had to have all skin covered and where corsets and veils.  This installment follows the fallen angel Rafe as he indulges in all the sensations earth has to offer and resents that he has a mission he doesn't fully understand and an all consuming terror of failing, and Delilah the daughter of Lilia the SHADE hunter (book one). Delilah is a shade and she knows she is the true oracle for the Republic and she is determined to take her rightful place.  She has an uphill battle ahead of her; she is a shade which means she is pretty much a slave, and when she displays her ability to have visions in a very public fashion her life is put into danger by people high up in the government who want a fake oracle they can control. Rafe finds himself in the same location as Delilah, though he doesn't understand and resents the compulsion to be there. He witnesses her vision and sets out to save her when she is whisked away to be silenced. From then on they are running and hiding from the hunters after them and along the way they discover a chemistry between them and Rafe's past.  His memory had been wiped so he didn't understand what his mission was (besides the drive to protect Delilah and place her as the true Oracle for the Repulic), but when it is revealed that he is a fallen angel all the pieces fall into place.  When Rafe is captured by the shade hunters, Delilah sets out to save him.  At that point in the story, once they come together passionately and the aftermath of that moment, the story was very much a page turner and the scene in the train when she confesses her love to a drugged out Rafe, priceless! I enjoyed the story and I like the post-apocalyptic world that Delacroix (Cooke) has created.  It is well described, detailed, and complex. The characters are developed. Some of the plot details are a bit slow going and their romance story does take a back seat to the rest of the plot as a whole (a corrupt unnamed entity out to silence Delilah, and Rafe's drive to see her seated as oracle taking a precedence over everything else. I look forward to books 3 and 4 and more of the story of who are the wraiths and whether they are good or evil.