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Rocked by Love (Gargoyles Series) - Christine Warren

The 4th book centered around Boston, Massachusetts, the millionaire hacker friend of Wynn's Kylie, and one of the oldest surviving Guardians, Dag. The bad guys have gotten bigger, the threats have intensified and gone global in this installment. What hasn't intensified is the passion and one-liners that I have come to expect from one of Warren's Gargolye books. I expected more with Kylie. She should have had far more spice and zing to her character, at least that is what I hoped for after meeting her in Wynn's book. She came off so loud and spunky when she came onto the scene, but in her own book she seemed mellowed out. The scene with her grandmother was utterly priceless. And her relationship with Dag was good, they even had some really good chemistry after she stopped fighting the whole mate thing, but I guess I hoped for more from her character. The conflict didn't disappoint, it has progressively gotten bigger and more daunting with each book and I loved having all of the previous couples come together in Boston to fight as a united team. Fil's spunk was ever present (love the scene in the living room when Dag opens his mouth and inserts his foot-promise no spoilers- and she asks if they had time to get the popcorn before Kylie responds to his comment was utterly hilarious).  I also enjoyed the intimate scenes between Kylie and Dag later on in the story, those were perfectly sweet and real. Overall, I did enjoy the book, but I wanted more from Kylie as a character. No one new was introduced in this installment, so I am very curious to see how and where Warren takes the series next.