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Amber Flame (The Flame Series Book 4) - Caris Roane

I liked Fergus and Mary. They were a strong and well-matched couple. Their story was easy to get into and not over dramatic. The conflict was realistic, but not overdone. There could have been a bit more emotional tension at times and during certain scenes, but I was not bored. Each book introduces another flame drug and this one dealt with the sex trade. The drug forced female wolves to crave sex. Mary was introduced in Dark Flame and was rescued from Roche (the antagonist in Dark Flame) by Fergus. After the rescue, he snuck into her dreams and seduced her (very similar-identical- to what happened with Brannick and Juliet). After a few weeks of her not realizing that they were getting their freak in in her dreams (another mind block), he calls out to her to rescue him from the Graveyard. He is near death after a dominance battle where an illegal weapon was used. She rescues him, nurses him back to health, and their story and adventure is off and running. I enjoyed their story and look forward to the next installment. Received the book in exchange for an honest review.