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Twisted brought me back to the world of the Eternal Guardians. It has been a few years since I read a book in the series and picked up where I left off with Twisted, Nick's story. Nick is the half-breed/Guardian of the Misos colony in the human realm. We know him as the one who struggles with the fact that his soul mate happens to be in love with and married to his twin brother, and who is also the queen of Argolea. At the end of the last book he sacrifices himself to protect his soul mate and is taken as prisoner of Hades and his son Zagreus. For the past 6 months he as been tortured in this hellish prison and that torture has been overseen by Cynna. Cynna is also a prisoner, though her punishment and torture is to torture others. She helps Nick escape and they go on this whirl-win and passion filled adventure together as they fight to keep his god powers under control and find a way to save his soul mate from dying. Along the way they grow closer and she comes to realize that she cares a great deal for him and when it comes out how Nick can save his soul mate, the queen, her heart brakes and she leaves. I'm not going to throw any spoilers in her because the surprises and emotional tension throughout make for a great read and telling you about any of the twists would ruin it. Great read. I loved returning to this world and I'm looking forward to getting caught up by reading Ravaged next, the Awakened which I got from NetGalley.