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The Beauty Bride - Claire Delacroix

I loved this one!  The characters were strong, the emotional turmoil that puts you into the character's mindset was intense, and the plot was never dull.  This series takes place 2 generations after Delacroix's The Rogues of Ravensmuir series. These are the children of Merlyn, Gawain, and Hawk and the children of other relations. I loved Madeline and Rhys.  She had so many moments where I felt for her and fought for her (in my head).  There were several times where I wanted to speak my mind to Rhys about what he is doing and says to Madeline.  Rhys had depth and passion, and he had some things he needed to learn about what was important in life.  Their adventure was so enjoyable and I loved this book.

Book gifted in exchange for an honest review.