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By Dianne Duvall Night Unbound (Immortal Guardians) - Dianne Duvall

It has been a long time since I entered the world of the Immortal Guardians, and this one just sucked me right back in.  It was passionate, sweet, romantic, entertaining, and action packed.  Lisette and Zach are such a sweet and wonderful couple.  They are so into each other.  Zach and Seth once were friends and then Seth left the Others to aid the human race and they had a falling out that lasted thousands of years.  Now Seth has handed Zach back to the Others when he rebelled. Zach was tortured for months, thanks to Seth's actions. Once he escapes, he goes to Lisette, a woman who has fascinated him for quite some time.  She nurses him back to health and even goes against Seth to protect him and to be with him.  When Seth discovers her betrayal he is shocked and doesn't believe that Zach is being honest with her. As their relationship comes to light to everyone, Zach becomes more a part of the Immortal Guardians, fighting alongside them and even aiding Seth.  Their friendship grows and the fight against a new breed of vampire ramps up the action.  They have to find out who betrayed them and when they finally discover who it is, they cannot believe it. It is the very last person they thought would aid the vampires and mercenaries.  I loved this story; the plot was entertaining and never dull. The romance was beautiful to watch, and the interactions and dialogue between characters (especially Seth and Zach) was funny and well written.  I do recommend this series to anyone who love vampire (and angel) stories.