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This novella is Yuri's story and without giving any spoilers (which will be a bit hard), this story goes parallel with Night Unbound, so you know the plot line and the villain.  But this focuses on what is going on with Yuri at the same time, with his growing relationship with a ghost named Cat.  Cat is Bastian's dead sister who died 200 years ago when her vampire turned husband killed her. Yuri can see ghosts and until her, he avoided them. He never let them know he could see them, but he is drawn to Cat. Cat brings something that he has missed-love and companionship.  But there is a problem, she is dead.  They do find a way to be together in his dreams, but as you can guess, this only leads to more problems.  This story does have a happy ending and I am glad they had their happily ever after.  That is all I'm going to say though, because any more and I will be spoiling that story (and part of Night Unbound if you haven't read that one yet). I did enjoy it.