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Returning to the world of the reapers takes us to the Fae court where Talin is spying for Death.  While there he has fallen for Neve, a Fae from a very prominent family. He can't tell her who he really is because if he does she has to die, which leads to her believing that she was just a fling for him, that she loves a man who doesn't want her for more than a tryst.  Someone has been stalking Neve and poisons her.  Talin rushes to her aid and enlists his fellow Reapers to save her.  While they heal her of the poison her family is kidnapped by their enemy who used to be a Reaper and is out for revenge.  As things progress, she figures out that Talin is a Reaper all on her own. They rush to save her family and Rhi makes an appearance and kicks some serious ass along side the Reapers.  Neve knows she will die because she knows the truth, but how she dies is a surprise.  If you have read the first two Reaper novels, you will know that there is a happy ending.  It is all in how they get to that happy ending that makes it such a sweet and at times emotional story.  I enjoyed this installment and the action and plot is picking up with each new book.  I am liking Rhi and Daere's interactions and this installment finally has him speaking to her and she gets to see him and touch him.  (I'm starting to root for them getting together!)   I loved the story and am looking forward to the next one :-)