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The Countess (The Bride Quest II) by Claire Delacroix (2012-03-28) - Claire Delacroix

Eglantine has just buried her second husband and comes to find out that her second husband has gambled everything away, including her home that he did not have the right to gamble away.  Eglantine finds out that he did own a run down piece of property in Scotland and she decides to take her three daughters there to get away from a man who wants to marry her daughter.  He is a man 3 times her age and reminds Eglantine of her first husband.  She was 14 years old, same age as her daughter, and she married a man 3 times her age.  She does not want that for her daughter so they run to Scotland to start anew.  When they arrive, they find a band of "barbarians" led by a man named Duncan MacLaren who claim ownership of her land.  The moment they meet the chemistry is clear, though she refuses to give into her desires. Duncan refuses to give up his claim on the land and he decides the best way to keep his claim is to woo Eglantine.  Somewhere along the way he falls in love with her and then works to truly win her trust and love.  Their adventure was enjoyable to watch and passionate.  I love Eglantine, she is such a strong character with a will of iron.  Duncan is a great match for her and ends up showing her that not all men are like her first two husbands. I enjoyed their story and look forward to reading book 2 in the Bride Quest II series.