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I love this series and always enjoy returning to it.  This installment had a lot going on, a lot of subplots, and a lot of characters to keep track of. I like Aden, he is one of my favorite characters that we have gotten to know throughout the previous books. He had such patience with winning over Zaira and showing her he loved her and has loved her since they were kids in the Arrow training program. Zaira had a lot of emotional baggage to deal with before she was able to see that her love of Aden and being with him was ok and safe.  It took her a while to believe that he could love her and could want her, broken and flawed, with him. What I didn't like about this installment was all of the subplots.  Some of the subplots made sense with the other story, others (Blake's subplot) didn't really need to happen to strengthen the story.  There were times I had a difficulty wanting to pick up the book to read. 

Now, this must be said, it was the end of the school year (I am a high school teacher), so a lot was going on to finish the year and then family came into town for Memorial Day Weekend, so the distractions might not have really affected my desire to read this particular book.  I think no matter what book I was reading, I would probably still have ended up choosing to do other things than read.

I really do enjoy this series, it is one of my favorites, and I am looking forward to the next book and am happy that Aden and Zaira got their happy ever after.  I loved the two scenes when he gave her the ring and at the end when she gave him a ring and opened her shields to Aden.