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The first book in a brand new series by Deborah Cooke was fast paced and passi0nate. The plot line was strong and well developed.  I was never bored. I enjoyed watching the two characters come together and fall in love.  Their chemistry was strong and they were a good match.

Princess Drakina is sent to Earth to seduce Troy and get pregnant.  If she can do that, then her family would leave her alone and allow her to have her independence.  Troy is not attractive at all (because of a spell) and she thinks this seduction will be a bit of a trial.  He has been sent to earth to kill the princess and if he does, then he will live, if he fails he will be executed. When they meet at a bar the chemistry is instantaneous and powerful.  They both decide (subconsciously) to put off their plans and just enjoy  a moment with the other.  They dance, flirt, and kiss passionately. When they go up to his hotel room things heat up and some of their secrets are inadvertently revealed. She is furious he is MindBender, someone who can manipulate people through their thoughts, and he just keeps trying to charm her.  They get to know each other, return to his family home, and when they come together they are very passionate.  I won't spoil the ending of the story, but needless to say it was sweet and happy.

Now, my one negative about this story; Troy was a human who was kidnapped, became a slave, then an assassin, and ended up in a mining penal colony. He has been going through this for 10 years, yet he doesn't seem affected by his experiences.  He isn't cold, angry, not trusting, or scarred.  If he was a slave, he should have had evidence of abuse.  If he was an assassin, which means he would have had some sort of training, he should have been more violent and cold.  If he had been held in a horrible penal colony, there should have been some sort of evidence (besides the tattoo).  Because of these aspects that he was missing he came off a bit flat.  When we get to see him and watch him with Drakina, there was no evidence that he went through any of it, besides his retelling when the truth came out. I wanted him to be more rough around the edges and more of a fighter.

I enjoyed this short read, the ebook is under 100 pages, and I do recommend it to any who love Deborah Cooke's of dragon series, and anyone who likes a fast paced love story.  The series has potential and there will be at least 12 books in the series.

I received this book in exchange for an honest review.